onsdag 2 juli 2008

We gonna win!


Were gonna win
Dont wanna be a loser - gonna win
Cuz winnin really is the only thing
Get out of the way were comin in
If ya wanna fight just step inside the ring
Does anybody wanna take a swing?
Its gotta be all or nothing
Oh were gonna be the champions

Ya were goin all the way - were gonna win win
Were gonna win

Forget about a draw - were gonna score
And then were gonna get a few more
Maybe another one just to be sure
Well make ya look just like an amateur
Until the final whistle its a war
And then were gonna pick ya off the floor
We wanna hear the crowd really roar

Ya - were comin in were gonna win win
Were gonna win - we wanna win
Cuz number one is everything

Were gonna win - we wanna win
Were gonna be the champions
Were gonna win

Efterson jag ännu inte fattat eller lyckats med det här att lägga in filmer från tou tube så ber jag dig: Gå i på you tube och lyssna på denna låt! We gonna win - Bryan Adams!! heeeelt underbar!!!

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